Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life is Good

I love to travel. In the next few months, I will be visiting Delaware, Baltimore and Tennessee. In the fall, New England, Chicago, and the Bay area, with a detour to Laguna Niguel to hang with some of my favorite peeps. SWEET! I just returned from a couple of days in North Carolina, and that was absolutely wonderful. It's a big plus when you have either great clients and/or dear friends to visit. Monte Carlo is also not out of the question...and if you haven't been kissed in front of the Casino, surrounded by luxury cars, you haven't really lived!

Holidays are fun when you spend them with people you love, as I did today (Easter Sunday). I even made up candy gifts for the kids who could have them, and purchased stuffed animals for the ones a bit too young for candy. Yep, The Grinch did it! I stun myself when I find myself making trips to stores for this sort of thing, but it's all good.

Before all this travel and fun is my uncle's 75th birthday. My aunt is planning a special dinner for him -- either out, or at home. If at home, I suspect I'll be barbecuing succulent filet mignons and making my new Sangria recipe. Yes, life is good!


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