Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Some pet peeves

No, this is not about Moochie and Spunky Bastard, though they may turn up at some point! Last night I was pondering some annoyances, and thought I'd see if anyone shared my view -- if you agree or disagree, feel free to leave a comment or two!

1. Trucks/buses traveling in the left lane.
I take the Cross Bronx Expressway (AKA "Highway to Heaven") twice a day, and it works pretty well when there are no accidents or other natural disasters that seem to happen on that road. Because of the "ban" on trucks and buses, the left lane generally moves well and is pretty safe. Then these behemoths decide, well, I'm not moving fast enough, so let's do something illegal and selfish (not unlike lane jumpers, with whom I deal with on a daily basis). There are plenty of signs posted, yet many choose to ignore them, likely because there's no left shoulder for cops who might enforce this regulation. Grrr.

2. Breaking into daytime programming with weather updates, or other things shy of a national emergency.
Really, most of daytime is watched in the home, and a lot of it on tape/DVR well past the time it aired. Do we really need to see Sam Champion pointing at maps and trying to gain ratings points for ABC's "Stormwatch"? In these situations, a crawl would suffice. Trust me, if a predicted thunderstorm is about to hit 30 miles outside the viewing area and Brenda's triumphant return to "GH" is interrupted, ABC's switchboard will light up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Count on it!

3. People who just don't get it.
Remember the Clinton years? When Bill left office, the economy was sound, oil was about $30 a barrel, and we had a BUDGET SURPLUS (in the trillions, right?). Eight years later, we were left with massive deficits, horrendous debt to China, a sinking economy, and war on two fronts, costing human lives and "loss of treasure." We pay out the nose for food, gasoline, and other basics, at least those of us who are still employed, and people are likening our current situation to the Great Depression. And we're the world's superpower? President Obama is having mud slung at him from many sides by people who just don't get that eight years cannot be corrected in 18 months. The guy isn't perfect, but he's trying. Give him a freakin' break already.

4. When people spend money, lots of others benefit.
Even Dubya encouraged people to spend money to stimulate the economy. Yet when Chelsea Clinton's wedding cost whatever it did (and remember, estimates were given by people who were not hired to provide services, etc. for the actual event), remember that it was likely in proportion to her parents' income just as anyone else's wedding. The Clintons have made a lot of money from books and speaking engagements, and gave their only daughter a lovely wedding. That's the goal of most parents. Think of the money that poured into the Rhinebeck, NY area, and not only from the Clinton event, but from all the outsiders in town, trying to cover the wedding. Gift bags were sourced locally. Sour grapes taste really rancid.

5. Working for a living.
My friend Tony emphasizes that you should follow your passion. I agree, but unfortunately, I can't support myself that way (unlike T, who is one of the best drummers hitting the skins). Granted, I do have some creativity in my job, but not so much that I'd call it my passion. However, if I were to write about things I loved, who knows how long that love would last? Friends of mine have had jobs that I would have killed for, but were quick to admit that it wasn't as great as it seems. I still buy my twice-weekly MegaMillions tickets and dream. In the mean time, I earn a decent living, have pretty good hours, some benefits, occasional travel and a very lax dress code (I normally wear jeans and a Yankee t-shirt, but never forget to coordinate my socks, fashion maven that I am). Sometimes that's enough.